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This Giving Tuesday...

...donate to help us save Black lives!

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This Giving Tuesday, your donation can advance the science for Black Breast Cancer.


  • Talked to over 750,000 Black women across all of our web series— The Doctor Is In, Pink Table Talk, & Love Your Bones that air live on the Facebook page reaching 2.7 million.
  • Hit the road with more than 55 curated events across the U.S. to with meaningful inteverventions in the lives of to be where Black women where they live, work, play, pray & slay.
  • Published our research manuscript Increasing Clinical Trial Participation of Black Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.
  • Launched TOUCH Care, the first ever advocacy led nurse navigator outreach program for pharmaceutical company clinical trials to elevate the inclusion and participation of Black women.
  • Presented an abstract entitled “When We Tri(al): Reaching, Motivating, & Effectively Engaging Black Women In Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Research” during the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium poster session
  • Were awarded the Unite for HER Community Partner of the year, the Warrior Award at the Pink Awards, the Sister to Sister Alliance Appreciation Award, and more.
  • Were included in the September White House Cancer Moonshot Fact Sheet.

Every day, new patients come to us. Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine what it may be like to get a cancer diagnosis. You are in the dark, afraid of dying and have no understanding of a way out of that darkness. We work to turn the light on, give them resources and support, and most importantly give them hope. Together, we have the opportunity to bring them into this vital, life-saving conversation. Ultimately, our mission is to eradicate Black Breast Cancer and put ourselves out of a job. Donations of any amount get us one stop closer to this goal, allowing us to impact more lives.